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About United Brass Manufacturers, Inc.
Past ... Present ... and Future

United Brass Manufacturers has been a leading manufacturer of brass fittings, forged fittings, brass valves, and bronze gear blanks serving customers throughout the United States, Canada, and worldwide.

Our Brass Valve and Fitting Products

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Our History

United Brass Manufacturers is actively owned and managed by the 3rd and 4th generation of the same founding family since we first opened for business on September 1, 1950. We manage with integrity, trust and respect.

Milton Donahey, who founded United Brass, learned Tool and Die manufacture beginning at age 14 in his small hometown in Pennsylvania. He was granted permission from his mother to quit school upon learning a valuable trade in 1914.

In 1918 he moved to Dearborn Michigan to work at CommonWealth Brass in Detroit as a tool & die maker. He rose through the ranks with many years of good work and was awarded the position of Tool Room Foreman. CommonWealth Brass was very progressive, and developed the process of forging brass versus the then industry standard of using cast brass for their fittings. Milton produced the second brass forging die ever made in the United States.

In 1950, at age 50, Milton Donahey was looking for new challenges and a chance to improve his lot in life with the valuable tooling and business skills he developed over the prior 32 years. He founded United Brass Manufacturers with a small 2,500 square foot shop with only himself and 2 others to do all the work. By 1953, he had outgrown the rented space and built a 5,000 square foot shop in Romulus, Michigan which has been expanded multiple times over the past 6 decades and serves as our Headquarters location. This shop and offices serves as our Forging Plant and General Corporate Office, and combined with our Precision Machining Division just 3 miles away account for over 120,000 square feet for our business processes.


Customer Trust and Respect

United Brass Manufacturers has always taken pride in establishing customer relationships and employee relationships built upon mutual trust and respect for each other. Our job as a supplier and employer are quite similar; doing the best work possible for our customers at the lowest possible cost, and providing the best working conditions possible for our valuable staff with competitive wages and benefits.

Brass Valve and Fitting Quality

We have operated with the now popular "process of continual improvement" philosophy since that first day in 1950 and will continue for many more decades into the future. The owners and management of United Brass have always reinvested heavily "back into our business" to keep our operations up to date with the latest technologies which, in turn, keeps our product quality and our efficiency at extremely high levels. This results in better brass valves and fittings at lower costs for our customers, who we understand are paying our wages and deserve the best.

Our Company Philosophy

United Brass has always taken the "long run" approach in determining tool-up costs and necessary margins on the numerous products we manufacture. Our objective is to become the best supplier each of our customers has ever experienced. We will do whatever is necessary to help you keep your Products and your customers fitted with quality components and satisfied. Our production jobs are carefully planned to be ready for delivery prior to your anticipated needs, made to the highest quality standards, and sold to you with very competitive pricing. We thrive on repeat business. We are not a "job shop".

You can depend upon United Brass Manufacturers to be your number one source of supply for all your critical brass, copper, and bronze valves, fittings, and components that we can produce. As our operations have always been union-free, we operate with zero debt, substantial operating capital, and all our plant and offices are fire sprinkler protected, there is no concern of interruption to our production or inability to produce your work at any time for any reason.

United Brass has invested millions of dollars in recent years designing, developing, and building the most productive and highest quality multi-station CNC high speed production equipment available anywhere, which coupled with our robotic loading technology translates once again to better products, produced at faster rates, and lower costs for our customers.

We invite you to experience what we can do to help your business. Please give us this opportunity and you will not be disappointed.

The Past has been impressive. The Present is exciting. The Future is without bounds.