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Forged Gear Blanks from United Brass Manufacturers, Inc.

Our Daca Division is a major supplier of forged bronze gear blanks to a wide variety of Gear Manufacturers in the United States.

Forged gears are generally superior to casings for several reasons related to their grain structure which "flows" during the forging process while the material is in a "plastic state", which is significantly different to a casting process where the material is in a "liquid state" and porosity can be a problem.

Daca Division regularly produces bronze forgings weighing from ¼ pound up to 22 pounds in weight. Our customers finish machining these gear blanks and assemble them with other components into gear boxes for rototillers, snow blowers, elevators, cranes, and many other products.

Please send us your prints and let us quote on your requirements. We work hard to keep our manufacturing costs, tool-up costs, and margins low to help you win orders for work from your competition.

Forged Gear Blanks from United Brass Manufacturers

We welcome an opportunity to quote your custom gear blank needs today. You can call or submit a CAD file through our Contact page. Thank You for reviewing the United Brass Manufacturers site.