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Why 100% MADE IN THE USA is Important

Brass Valve and Fitting Quality

In the late 1980's the trend in our industry to save purchasing dollars through sourcing industrial fittings, valves, and other components with "off shore" producers gained momentum as large corporations determined that the short term gains for their profits and officer's compensations were more important than providing products made to established and necessary standards for material alloy content, proper thread manufacture and sealing conformance, and general product safety. Their concern for the " Long Term" benefit of their customers, end users, and American jobs was not a consideration in the "profit at any cost" approach.

A Change in Culture

Much has changed in the past 25 years as poor brass valve and fitting quality, unreliable deliveries, lack of customer service, and communication difficulties from China and many other nations continues to create costly problems for many domestic companies and their customers. An increasingly large number of O.E.M. purchasers have realized the error of their short term approach and are actively re-sourcing as many products as possible to the remaining domestic manufacturers, like United Brass Manufacturers, who offer what they need with High Product Quality, Excellent Customer Service, at a very competitive Cost.

When the manufacturers we supply with high quality Forged Custom Brass Fittings, Brass Valve Bodies, Ball Valve Bodies, Check Valve Bodies, Forged Bronze Gear Blanks, Copper Forgings, or similar items work with United Brass, they know their business is as important to us as we are to them. They can trust us to do an excellent job in all aspects of our business relationship.

Quality Saves Dollars and Reputation

The potential cost savings with a multitude of Asian factories who utilize laborers without concern for job safety, child labor laws, pollution controls, or living wage standards has decreased significantly in recent years. Our many O.E.M. Customers realize that when they are building an expensive product with their good name on the label, it no longer makes sense to try and save a few cents on a component that may cost several thousand dollars in product liability or field service costs ... as well as lose their good reputation in the process.

Every job created or saved in the United States provides for 7 to 9 jobs in those other businesses that supply the myriad of materials, products, and services we utilize. All of us who work at United Brass Manufacturers, and all those others whose jobs are dependent upon our orders for goods, are tax paying citizens whose contributions are necessary to keep our nation strong and secure.

Our Pledge
United Brass Manufacturers sources everything in its brass valve, fitting, and gear blank manufacturing domestically to do our part toward keeping American jobs secure and our future generations' prospects as bright as possible.

Buying American is Important.